Body odour is the smell of sweat and bacteria that grow on the body and it can be influenced by various factors like gender, diet, health, genes and medication amongst  others. Instead of running after expensive deodorants and perfumes which may harm your skin, one should try out natural remedies to get rid of the problem of bad body odour. If your body sweats a lot leading to foul smell, one can try natural means to reduce the amount of sweat. 

How To Fight Body Odour?
     This can be done by avoiding the use of synthetic and tight- fitting clothes along with avoiding the intake of hot drinks like tea and coffee. In addition, one should regularly cleanse oneself with medicated cleansers to get rid of body odour. Moreover, it has been found that adding a tablespoon of honey to lukewarm water after bath can help in keeping body odour in check. Similarly, adding a teaspoon of alum to the bath water can help one smell fresh throughout the day. To naturally cure the problem of body odour and perspiration, one should regularly drink a cup of tomato juice for one week. In addition, soaking cotton wool pads in baking soda and powdering one's underarms with it can help reduce odour  associated with underarms. This is because baking soda helps in absorbing chemicals which might be causing body odour. In summers, special care needs to be taken due to excessive sweating. It has been found that adding a full cup of vinegar to one's bath water can help in fighting sweat related odour during summers. Smelling good and feeling fresh are essential requirements to lead a healthy life.

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