Many of you may be working hard and getting good marks and some of you may not be working hard but still manages to get high marks in exams,Others may be wondering how it happens?.And also there will be a few of you study well but still not able to score well in exams.Don't worry there are some very simple tips and if you follow them, you can become a topper. These tips will tell you how you can prepare for exams in a week just by following these tips. It will be even better if you follow this for a long period of time. I have collected some information and want to share with you all.. I hope it helps you all..

              Examinations are essential component of our system of education and even a few marks this or that side makes a student nervous. This is the reason why exams come with a lot of anxiety and expectation. Whether we like it or not, 'you cannot do all this' is needed at the last minute. However, now that it is too late to start worrying about what you didnt do months ago, concentrate on what you CAN do NOW. So go ahead and use the ASPIRE stratergy recommended be experts to crack your exams.....

A: APPROACH- ATTITUDE:-Approach ur studies with a positive attitude. Avoid negative thinking. Instead of arguing with yourself and thinking about how aweful everything is and how you feel sure you'll fail, rather strike up a positive dialogue. Psychologists say that the way you choose to think about what is happening to you, influences what will happen. So you decide that you can be sucessful and cheerful, and then you can manage that equally well....

S: SCAN:- Select what you have to study and Scan it completely . From all the study material, decide which one you want to study on priority. Once it is done take lots of notes and write down key points. Visualize what you are learning. This means that you scan whatever you are studying completely....

P: PIECE TOGETHER THE PARTS:- Piece together what you've studied. Put aside your books and notes and try to recollect and reframe you have studied. Grasp the basic idea and explain it to someone else in your own words. Summmarize what you understand and revise it either alone or with friends or ask your parents or siblings to do with you. If you go over what you've learned for just five minutes immediately after you've learned it, your retention will be far better....

I: INQUIRE:- Inquire whether there are alternative resources of information: You should access all sources of information that willl help you. There could be other text books, question papers of the earlier years or question papers of other schools that you can takefrom friends. Set a time and try solving these question papers. This will help you gain confidence and you will be well prepared with your time management....

R: REEXAMINE:- Re-examine the content:
After you have finished with ur studies,make cues to help you recall the words that u are trying to remember. Reexamine what you have studied from the point of view of an examiner. Think which probable questions can be asked. You can do a brief study of the earlier question papers to arrive at this answer.....

E: EVALUATE Evaluate ur studies honestly. Dont fool yourself. If there is something that you know you have not done well,then accept it. While trying to solve the question papers as revision, be honest in your eveluation. Revise the answers that you are not very sure of. Writing down answers and evaluating them is a great way to remember them....

  • Get plenty of sleep during the days of the exam, as it is required to calm the body. Usually 7-8 hours of sleep is adequate..
  •  Almond or Badam is a very valuable nut to increase the memory. It preserves the vitality of the brain. Almond should be soaked overnight, peeled in the morning and had with honey or milk. Apple when taken with honey and milk improves memory and concentration, so essential during exams...
  • The best liquid to drink before and during an exam is water, because the brain is 30 per cent water. Fluidity of memory comes easily from sufficient water in the brain. Water speeds up brain function....
  •  A regular meal pattern and plenty of sleep is the key to health during exam time. Try to eat plenty of vitamin B rich foods such milk,breakfast cereal and wholemeal bread as a lack of B vitamins is associated with poor memory and poor concentration....
  • Start the day by eating breakfast as it is essential to kickstart the brain. It will dramatically improve your energy levels and the amount of nutrients in your diet. Research shows that students who eat breakfast have much better concentration and memory recall than those who skip breakfast..
  • If u tend to study late into the night the day before the  exam and get very little sleep,then a protein rich breakfast like egg, toast or a glass of fruit juice is a must...
  •  A light lunch is best, particularly if you hav an afternoon exam when you will be sitting for 2-3 hours. Good lunch choices are sandwitches, chapatis, soup and salad.....

  1. Before you leave home, ensure you have all necessary stationary- pen, pencils, erasers, sharpner and most importantly ur exam hall ticket or indentity card.
  2. Get to ur examination centre at least 30 mins before your exam begins. This gives you enough time to relax yourself and settle into ur seat..
  3. Pray, stay calm and remain focused..
  4. Listen to the instructions given by the inviglator carefully. Read the instructions on your exam paper and if you are unsure about anything, ask the inviligator immediately.....

*D-E-T-E-R Stratergy At Your Exam Desk*
  * Read the test directions very carefully...
  *Ask the teacher to explain any part of the test directions that you do not understand...
  *Following directions helps u demonstrate what you know better..

*Examine the entire test to see how much you have to do....
*Then break it down into parts that become manageable for you..

*Once u have examined the entire test, decide how much time you willl spend on each section...
*If there are different points for various sections, then plan to spend the most time on the sections which would make you earn maximum points...

E= Easiest
* The second E in DETER reminds you to answer the section you find the easiest first...
*If u get stuck on a difficult section that comes up early in the test, move onto the next question...

       Once you are done, review your answers and make them as complete and accurate as possible. Also make sure to review the test directions to ascertain you have answered all required items
       These tips are just an attempt on ur side to ease your stress during the exams and help you in doing your papers better. But the most important stress buster is for you to BELIEVE in yourself. Aim to do your best, give the exams your best shot and i am sure dat ur results will be best.!!! You can also click HERE or HERE for more information...
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    1. Try to practice your weak aspects of studies in writing. And find out what silly mistakes you did and try rectifying it. Keep a record of these mistakes and refer to them just before Exams. I'm sure this will help you out.. Sorry for replying late.. :)

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