What Is Ocean Dumping?
             Ocean Dumping is the dumping or placing of materials in designated places in the ocean, often on the continental shelf. A wide range of materials is involved, including garbage, construction and demolition debris, sewage sludge, dredge material, and waster material, and waste chemicals.

What Causes Ocean Dumping?

             The source of ocean dumping is the elimination of waste matter or sewage from tankers carrying oil and other products. Also burning of organic wastes with subsequent dumping as a kind of disposal process is a severe threat to ocean waters. Littering of plastic bags, glass items, damaged fishing nets, or leftover eatables on the beach front also accounts to ocean dumping when the collected debris is dumped directly in the sea. Also, there is always the possibility of collisions or accidents which occur admists the oceans add to dumping of toxic debris in ocean.

What Are Effects Of Ocean Dumping?
           Much of the waste matter dumped contains a number of toxic chemicals that can affect marine ecosystems and marine organisms. Some of these marine organisms are consumed by humans. Dumping of radioactive wastes and soil from contaminated defense sites also harm the ecosystem. Besides, dumping of medical wastes like expired medicines or toxic waste add to the pollution. Plastic debris which is dificult to dilute, get lodged in the digestive tracts of marine animals causing death or infection.

What Safety Measures Are Taken Against Ocean Dumping?
           During 1987-88 in New Jersey, significant amounts of medical waste and raw garbage washed up the beaches in Jersey Shore. This resulted in closing of the beaches and low economy with diminished tourism. This account was termed as The Syringe Tide. This resulted in the Ocean Dumping Ban Act in 1989 by the Medical Waste Tracking Act (MWTA). Nations around the world should contribute at individual or global level to put a stop to such inhuman treatment of nature.

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