Human body works hard to repair a broken bone from the moment an injury occurs. It possesses amazing healing powers that enable it to bounce back from  injuries or illnesses.

What Do Bones Contain?
     Various minerals and nutrients are usually stored in the bones. Bone marrow- a soft fatty tissue in the bones, helps fill the cavities between the bones. Red Blood Cells (RBC) are stored in the inner red marrow and fat is stored in the yellow marrow. It proves to be vital in blood circulation and various other body processes.

What Are The Different Cells In The Bone?
           A very important fact about bones is that they are constantly changing and this is possible because of its different cells. There are three primary cells responsible for bone growth throughout life. Cells called 'Osteoclats' constantly break down old bones. 'Osteoblast' cells replace it with new bone tissue. This process  is called 'Bone Remodeling'. Another type of cell called 'Chondroblast' forms new cartilage (a connective tissue that helps in forming new bone). This helps in replacing old bone tissue with new tissue.

How Does A Bone Heal?
        When a bone breaks, blood leaks out of the veins and quickly forms a clot called a 'fracture'. This helps to stabilize the bone and keep the two pieces lined up for mending. Without fresh blood, the bone cells quickly die. This causes swelling, as a result as a result of the removal of dead and damaged tissue. Certain cells called fibroblasts begin producing fibers of collagen - a major protein in the bone. Chondroblasts  then  begin to produce 'fibro cartilage' (a fibre coating) on the hard skin that holds the two pieces  of bones together. Further, the osteoblasts produce bone cells, transforming the hard skin into a bone callus (a rubbery mass of tissues). Here the bone starts adjusting the growth of the newly formed bone, improving its blood circulation and strengthening  it further.

Healing Hands:-
        All this healing process definitely needs medical attention to make it as proper and smooth as possible to avoid any further bone damages. The doctors, who offer medication for fractures or any bone related injuries, are called arthopaedics.           


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