What Is A Fjord?
        A Fjord(pronounced as 'fee-ord') is a long, deep glacial valley of seawater, usually narrow and steep-sided, extending below sea water level.

How Is It Formed?
       Flooding of glacial valley of seawater usually causes fjord. When a glacier cuts a U-shaped valley due to constant rubbing of the surrounding layer of rock by the sediments, Fjord is formed. The flooding creates a narrow deep lake that connects  to the sea. This further pushes down the water, which shallows down the fjord below sea level.

Where Are Fjords Usually Found?
       Fjords are usually located where some amount of glacial activity is extended to sea level. Norway is particularly known for its fjords and is one of the major tourist attractions. Besides, Greenland , Chile, New Zealand, the Arctic and parts of Alaska and Canada are also home to varying Fjords all over. 

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