What Is ballooning?
         Ballooning simply means, flying in a hot air balloon. If you simply want to enjoy the experience of flying, there's nothing quite like it. Many people describe flying in a hot air balloon as one of the most serene, enjoyable activities they have ever experienced!

The Balloon:-
          Hot air balloons are based on the very basic scientific principal that warmer air rises in cooler air. A burner fuelled by Propane Gas is positioned under an open balloon envelope to heat the air and make the balloon rise. The colourful balloon is usually made of nylon or polyester, the same type of cloth that parachutes are made of. The balloon fabric is much tougher that it might appear. If a bird were to fly into it would almost certainly bounce off.

Ballooning In India:-
          An ace balloonist ant the force behind professional ballooning in India is Major Kumar Yadav who has flown his balloon from various points across the Himalayas, taking it to a height of 26,000 feet at an air show in Bangalore and has represented india at a ballooning competition in Japan. India also has its own hot-air balloons and the Ballooning Club Of India which organizes international balloon festivals and demonstration flights annually.

Ballooning Tips:-
  1.  The best time to indulge in ballooning is after sunrise when the winds are their calmest. Winter months provide the most reliable conditions, but during summer months it is better to take off early in the morning. The duration of ballooning flight can change at the pilot's discretion, taking into account the wind, temperature and weight to be carried on the day. 
  2. A balloon can move as fast as the wind blows, but high wind landings always require skill and experience.

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