Earth's atmosphere is made up of several layers of moving air, each with different temperature and density. When we observe stars from the surface of the earth, we are viewing them through different layers or air and temperatures. When light from a star pass through these layers of the Earth's atmosphere, it is constantly  bent by each layer of temperature and air. This random refraction distorts the image of the star slightly in brightness and position making it look as if it is moving and winking. This distortion causes our eyes to interpret this as a twinkling star. So, stars themselves do not twinkle but appear to do so through the Earth's atmosphere.
      Sneezing is an important reflex action that protects us from things in our environment. It's your body's way of getting rid of germs, dust, and other potentially dangerous things. Common irritants that trigger a sneeze include pepper, dust, chemical odours, cold viruses, allergens causing allergies etc. When any of these things tickle the mucous membrane inside your nose, the nerve endings inside your nose send a signal to your brain. The brain gets the muscles working, filling the lungs with a deep breath and flushing and the bad stuff out with a sneeze.
         Mosquitoes bite to fuel  the process of reproduction, Blood is like a fertility drug for those insects. Only female mosquitoes bite in order to get blood from humans or other creatures so as to convert it into energy for egg production. Therefore, each bite you suffer helps the female mosquito to produce a new generation of mosquitoes. While heat, movement, moisture, ans colour play a role, mosquito attraction is mostly about scent. Most mosquitoes find their prey by sensing chemicals, notably carbon dioxide, which we exhale while we breathe.
         Each Space Shuttle has a toilet which is designed as much as possible like those on Earth; the units use flowing air instead of water to move waste through the system. Solid wastes are compressed and stored on-board, and then removed after landing. Waste water is thrown into space, although future systems may recycle it. The air is filtered to remove odour and bacteria and then returned to the cabin. Astronauts brush their teeth just like they do on Earth. There is no shower on the Shuttle, so astronauts must make do with sponge baths until they return home.

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