Boating is a highly popular recreational activity all over the world. Recreational boating offers lots of opportunities for personal growth. Whether you are learning to secure a line, or enjoying the delicate taste of fresh fish that you caught yourself, boating recreation provides many different rewards for all ages.

         Boating basically refers to the leisurely pursuit of travelling by boat. Seas and rivers provide a great source of tranquillity for those boating enthusiasts looking to make the most out of this leisure activity. The deep blue waters of Indian Ocean, Nile, Mississippi, Atlantic Ocean e.t.c. can be thoroughly enjoyed for their beautiful surroundings. Places like  Palm Coast Florida , northwest of Indiana at Pasternick marina , etc. provides huge potential for boating buffs.It has been proven that boating is an effective tool for stress reduction. It improves the quality of life for  many people, as it provides a means of group recreation.         

         It is a fun way to exercise and be with family and friends, and it is easy to learn.
 There are at least 99 kinds of boats in existence, from little kayaks to cruising yachts. There are also various types of boats like pedal boats, canoes, speed boats, etc. that one can choose from. 

      Here's a look at some sports people do with the use of boats:

Fishing -
Fishing is just one of the many forms of relaxation people do these days with either friends or family. It is a time for bonding and a great escape from the pressures of daily life. Fishing involves a lot of patience, challenge and a lot of skill. Anyone can participate in this fun activity, including the kids. It is advised to fish with friends rather than fishing alone.

 Water skiing-
      Water skiing for fun developed considerably during the eighties. Today, this physical sport is no longer reserved exclusively for competitors. Beginners and young children can take their first steps in total safety and enjoy the pleasure of skiing on the water. Skiing with two skis is the easiest way for beginners to attempt the sport.  This is carried out on two skis which are attached to the feet with flexible straps, but which also have a fin, offering greater stability and making it easier to turn.                                             

Racing -
     Sailboats and speedboats are the usual modes of boat racing. Routes, boat designs and other specifics depend on the groups/individuals involved.

But at times the activity of boating can be dangerous sport. You need to be very careful while boating through the seas, especially when the whether is rough and stormy. Here are some tips to follow while boating:-


  • Be weather wise : Sudden wind shifts, lightning flashes and choppy water can mean a storm is brewing.
  • Bring a portable radio to check weather reports.
  • Bring extra gear: You may need a flashlight, extra batteries, matches, a map of where you are, flares, suntan lotion, first aid kit, extra sunglasses. Put those that need to be protected in a watertight pouch or a container that floats.
  • Inform : Tell someone where you are going, who is with you, and how long you will be away.
  • Checklist : Check your boat, equipment, boat balance, engine and fuel supply before leaving.
  • When travelling for a long distance in boats, always bring navigation charts.
  • Do not sail the boat if you are drunk. Just like driving is dangerous when drunk, boating is also very dangerous if you are drunk.
  • Life jackets save thousands of lives every year. The best way to prevent deaths while boating is to wear your life jacket.
  • Practise defensive boating: stay alert. Be aware of others who are on or around the water when you're operating your boat. When you know what & who is around you and in the water, you know how to keep everyone safe & avoid accidents

  1.  In 2003, there were 5,438 recreational boating accidents that resulted in 703 fatalities (down 6% from 2002) and 3,888 injuries.
  2. Of the 481 drownings in 2003, 416 could have been prevented with use of a life jacket.
  3. More than half of all the people in the U. S. live within 50 miles of a coastline
  4. All children younger than age 13 must wear a life jacket while in a boat less than 26 feet in length that is underway.
  5. Alcohol plays a role in 50 percent of all boating accidents, according to BOAT US.
  6. Nearly 85% of boating fatality drowning victims were not wearing a life jacket.



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