Why Are Bananas Curved?
         Bananas grow in bunches knows as "hands". As the bananas in a hand mature and grow larger, they curve upwards. Instead of pointing downwards, they bend up and point towards the sky to receive more sunlight. This biological ability is known as "negative geotropism".

Why Does Cabbage Change When Cooked?
       The cells of cabbage leaf contain anthocyanin molecules. When cooking cabbage, the heat of stove causes the cells containing anthocyanins to burst open. The water soluble pigments are released, mixing with the surrounding liquid thus changing the color of cabbage when cooked.

Why Can't We Breathe Underwater?
        When hydrogen and oxygen combine, they form H2o. The oxygen dissolved in water is bound to two hydrogen atoms and is thus useless to our lungs in such form. Human lungs do not have enough surface area to absorb sufficient oxygen from water and are adapted to air rather than water.

Why Do We See Reflection In Water?
         When light shines on a pool of water it is dispersed in three ways. Some of it is absorbed as heat while some of it passes through the water and is deflected or 'bent'. This phenomenon is known as refraction of .light Also some of the light is reflected on the surface of the water which acts as a mirror. Thus if the water is clean it is possible to see a reflection very clearly.

Why Is Boric Powder Used In Carom Boards?
          Boric powder is a fine white powder at room temperature which hardly reacts with anything else but itself. Sprinkling boric powder on carom board smoothens the surface and reduces the friction between the puck and the board. This helps the carom pucks move faster across the carom surface.

Why IS Sea Salty?
       As rainwater passes through soil and percolates through rocks, it dissolves some of the minerals, a process called weathering. This is the water we drink, and of course, we cannot taste the salt because its concentration is too low. Eventually, this water with its small load of dissolved minerals or salts reaches a stream and flows into lakes and the ocean. The annual addition of dissolved salts by rivers is only a tiny fraction of the total salt in the ocean. The dissolved salts carried by all the world’s rivers would equal the salt in the ocean in about 200 to 300 million years. These include sodium, chlorine (which together make the salt we put in our food), magnesium, calcium and potassium.

Why Is Smoking Bad For Health?
       Our lungs have over 350 million tiny sacs, called Alveoli. Though these air sacs, the oxygen is taken from the air and passed into your blood. Smoking coats these sacs with sticky tar thereby choking them thus blocking them to function, and this in turn causes breathing problems and weakens the lungs.

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  1. Wording of 'breathing under water' segment confuses issue of difference between dissolved oxygen and oxygen atoms within a molecular structure. Should focus just on dissolved oxygen.

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