Among the various nutrients, zinc is considered to be an important element required for the human body. Zinc is vital for many biological functions and is found in tissues, bones and cells in the body. Muscles and bones contain almost 90 per cent of zinc. Every cell in our body contains a trace of this vital element..


How Does Zinc Benefit Our Body?
        Besides cell division, Zinc is essential for the growth of height, weight and bone bone development in children. Zinc strongly effects the immune system and makes it capable to increase the 'T cells', which help to recognize and fight off infections. Zinc also activated areas of brain that receive and process information from taste and smell sensors. Zinc also activates areas of brain that receive and process information from taste and smell sensors. Zinc renews skin cells to heal body rash, cuts and wounds.Lack of sufficient zinc may lead to hair loss and dandruff. Zinc also aids vision and helps to fight vision defeats like night blindness and cataracts. 

 Which Food Is Rich In Zinc?
       Major sources of zinc in our food are meat, poultry,fish,whole cereals and dairy products. A complete complete balanced diet can ensure a sufficient amount of zinc vital to our body. Sea food is an excellent source of zinc intake; especially oysters.

How Much Should Be Our Daily Zinc Intake?
          Zinc should be included in our everyday diet. The recommended zinc intake for infants is 5 grams , for children its 10 grams and for adults its 15 grams..

                         NORMAL NAILS
                                                                                                 DRY, BRITTLE NAILS

How Do We Know If We Are Getting Enough Zinc?
          Deficiency of zinc leads To stunted growth and impaired development in infants, children and adolescents. It may also affect proper function of brain. Most common deficiency symptoms are rough skin, dull hair brittle fingernails, reduced smell and taste..

                                                                  DULL HAIR

Health Caution:-
         Almost zinc is essential for a healthy body, too much of it can lead to reduced iron function and harm the immune system...

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