Very often you must have seen people inserting a small flat rectangular object into a computer. This small thing, known as a pen drive can hold a great amount of information in all forms..

What Is A Pen Drive?
        It is a type of Universal Serial Cable (USB) flash drive. It is a kind of memory card that can be plugged in a computer's USB port. It is termed "Pen Drive" with reference to its size. It is small and compact thus making it fit into the palm of our hand. It is often flat and rectangular like a highlighter pen. A pen drive is used to store data and has a storage capacity of 64 MB to 32 GB. It is removable and rewritable. It is mostly used as a backup for CD- ROMs or floppy disks.

        Pen drive consists of a small printed circuit board. This circuit board provides a strong base for the pen drive's form and also serves as a means to collect information. The circuit board consists of a small microchip within it. this microchip enables the pen drive to collect or feed in data. This process requires relatively low electrical power compared to CD-R's or Floppy. It is based on EEP-ROMS technology that allows writing and erasure process in a computer system..

 Transferring The Data
        The data that is to be transferred is connected through a computer programme. It is then read, transmitted or rewritten from a pen drive to a computer or vice versa. Thus the required data gets copied to any selective drive on the computer for further use.

The Working
          When a pen drive is connected to a USB port, it is activated. The USB  port gives the pen drive access to the information on a specific computer drive. Most of the pen drives are designed in such a way that they are compatible with any USB port on a computer.

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