With summer vacations round the corner, swimming would be the most favoured activity on the list of many outdoor enthusiasts. But have you ever imagined swimming in a pool, on the edge of the waterfalls without falling over? Sounds scary, doesn't it? But, if you are so enthusiastic about an adventure of this sort, then, welcome to the "Devil's Swimming Pool"

Where Is It Located?
          The Devil's Pool is enclosed by rocks and is located on the edge of the world's biggest and most beautiful waterfalls, the Victoria Falls.. Victoria Falls is situated in southern Africa between the countries of Zambia and Zimbabwe. The mighty Victoria Falls with a height of 128 meters is one of the major tourist spot during the months of September and December. A naturally formed rock pool, known an the "Devil's Swimming Pool" is located on the Zambezi river, which is the actual source of the Victoria Falls. The pool offer tourist and adventures alike an ultimate adventure experience. The "Pool" at a height of 103 meters, is accessed via Livingstone Island.

 How Is It Formed?

  River Zambesi, which is the main source of Victoria Falls, is at a safe level during the months of September and December. In this period, the water currents are comparatively low.
            A natural rock wall just below the falls acts as a barrier and slows down the intensity of the flow at a point, despite the heavy water current of the falls.
       This makes it possible for people to swim as close as possible to the edge of the falls within the pool without falling into the garage below.
Thus, due to low water levels, one can safely swim to the edge of the Victoria Falls without the danger of falling over.

What Is The History Significance Of Victoria Falls?
            Victoria Falls, locally known as "Mosi-oa-Tunya" or "The Smoke That Thunders" offers a spectacular feature of 500 million liters of water per minute gushing over the milewide area. The deafening sound and stunning explosion of the rainbow colored water fall can be seen almost 30 miles away. A short two hour flight from Johannesburg takes the tourists to this amazing waterfall.


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