A school teacher scolded a boy for not paying attention to his mathematics and for not being able to solve simple problems. She told him that he would not become anything in life.. Today the world knows the boy as 'ALBERT EINSTEIN'

A candidate for  a news broadcasters post was rejected by officials since his voice was not fit for a news broadcaster. He was also told that with his obnoxiously long name, he would never be famous...Today the world knows him as 'AMITABH BACHCHAN'
The list is endless....

          The paths of numerous success stories are bereft with such accounts of failure or disillusionment. But what make their endings different are the lessons they learnt from these experiments. Through each of their tribulations, they gained strength and confidence to start afresh and eventually emerge victorious....
          Failure is one of the toughest things to deal with and it happens so frequently in life. It could be simple things like missing out on the top position in the examinations or loosing in a race or failing in an academic year. But the way an individual reacts to each of the instances is what  defines the intensity of the failure. While some way may take it up as a challenge and move on to overcome it, some may wallow in self-pity, lose their confidence and succumb to it. The underlying fact is that success is the result of bouncing back during times of discouragement.
         When Thomas Alva Edison invented the light bulb, he tried over 2000 experiments before he got it to work. A young reporter asked him how it felt to fail so many times. He said,"I never failed one. I invented the light bulb. It just happened to be a 2000-step process." Edison used discouragement as a stepping stone to achievement. Each failure was a challenge to try harder. He achieved his goal because he had a vision that motivated him. It does because he had a vision that motivated him. It does not matter how many years a person spent in classrooms or what people around have to say. What is required is your own motivation to achieve your goal. Failure feels so bad because it directly affects our ego.
          In today's world, the race of cut-throat academic excellence has changed the parameters of defining success and failure. What you perceive as failure need not necessarily be one. Such instances make us realize that we need to make our children understand the true dimension of failure. It is the way you shape your destiny and conquer each step in life that conquer each step in life that determines your success. Remember the time when as an infant you were learning to walk and each time you fell, you would just get up and try again... So, what's stopping you today?

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